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You can now add TXT record to domains

TXT records are a type of domain record that can contain arbitary text data.

These days the  record type is primarily used to add an SPIF anti-spam record to a domain. This record defines what mail servers can legitimately send email on behalf of the domain. When a spam checking email service receives an email it will read the SPIF record for the emails "from" address, if the originating email server is not found in the SPIF record then the email is probably spam with a forged "from" address.

For help in setting up an SPIF record, use this wizard .



Whois and mail server tests added

Two new tests are now available.

 The whois test is a simple lookup of a domain in the whois database, so you can see the publically listed ownwership details of a domain.

 The  smtp email server test performs a basic diagnostic of an email server. It will spot issues such as delays caused by a mail server being configured to perform a reverse DNS lookup and will check if the email server is configured as an open relay and hence able to be abused by spammers. The oepn relay test will automatically try and alert the servers owners of any problem.

Improved Premium services

Paid subscribers now benefit from increased domain testing speed and a root server trace of how a domain resolves.

The rootserver trace not only provides another means of checking a domain resolves correctly, but can also pick up a subdomain that is being resolved directly by the TLD (top level domain) servers. A subdomain that is serving as a namerserver may have its address registered via the registrar as a nameserver. In which case that address may be resolved at the TLD level. This will of course cause problems if you have altered the address at the domains nameserver but not at the registrar.

The domain testing now also benefits from some more subtle interpetations, for example MX records may not be expected at the subdomain level.


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Let us reassure you that signing up with our service will not lead to yet more spam in your inbox.

Ask on our support forum just how many emails our members have had in the last three years and you will find that aside from the set up email and any necesary individual communication, the total emails they have had from us is none.

We don't like spam and all you are ever likely to recieve from us is a newsletter that is so rare it has not been sent once in three years of service.

About Us

This web site is owned and operated by MarsJupiter Limited, the company that runs the popular free forums system.

 Since domains are a central issue in running forums, we have long been involved in the business of domains and developed our own nameserver system to service the forums systems.

Along with nameserver services we also needed to sell domains to our forums customers and were often in need of domain diagnostic tools to make sense of what customers had done with the domains they use with our forums.

The logical conclusion was to bring all the domain related activities together on one site, allowing us and our forum customers, and indeed  anyone in need of domain services to manage DNS records for their domains, test domains and buy domains.

We believe our free domain tester is the most comprehensive and informative available on the internet, and our free DNS service will prove a reliable solution to your DNS needs.

For a small subscription premium levels of the testing and DNS service are available.



Domain testing

When a domain goes live on the internet, a complex set of things go on to ensure that when someone asks for that domain, the program they are using is directed to the right IP address.

In rough terms, the domain is mapped by the domain registrar to a number of "nameserver" domains, these domains know about the IP address of the domain, and can resolve the domain to the IP when it is asked for.

When your program asks for a particular domains IP address it does not ask the domains nameserver directly, as it does not know what nameserver to ask.

Your program will go first to a namerserver designated by your ISP, or perhaps a nameserver service you have chosen like 

This nameserver may have cached your domains IP address, or it may have to make queries starting at so called root nameservers until it is directed to the actual nameservers for your domain.

This is a complex process and changes can take time to propagate across the internet, and there is plenty of room for errors to occur. For example one of the nameservers for your domain may not be in possession of up to date records.

In these circumstances people may not be able to access your domain.

The domain testing service applies close to ten tests to check whether people will successfully resolve your domain, and gives a wealth of information as to the correctness of both the nameserver configuration and associated services like email setup.



We're up and running

This service is now up and running with nameservers attached.

We now have nameservers in America and Europe.


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